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MFT Presents is a full-service production, promotion, and event management company specializing in large-scale music festivals and experiential events. While our talented team comes from a variety of different backgrounds, we’re tied together by a shared love for music and live events.

With 8+ years of experience producing some of the most remarkable events in Florida, we’ve found that if you have the right team, nothing is impossible.

Let’s work together to turn your dream event into a reality.


Our battle-tested Production and Operations Team has experience producing world-class events of all shapes and sizes and is capable of executing every aspect of building an event from the ground up, including club shows, music festivals, resort buyouts, sporting events, conventions, corporate events, and private events.


At heart, we are promoters and know how to build, book, and promote financially and logistically successful shows. With over 500 shows promoted and over 1 million tickets sold in the past decade, our team has both the experience and network necessary to succeed.

Event Management

The MFT team is equipped to guide any aspect of your event from conception to execution. This includes creative development, venue sourcing, design and layout, permit compliance, budget creation, financial management, talent buying, event marketing, access control, mobility and transportation management, festival production and operations, artist relations, staffing, risk management, sponsorship, merchandising, and back of house administrative duties.


Have an idea for a project but not sure how to see it come to fruition? Let us help you build your event from the ground up. Our experienced production team is available for pre-event, pre-production, on-site, and post-consultation, and are willing to be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you wish.

Artist Marketing

Our team knows the ins and outs of turning a dream concept into a reality. Whether it’s digital and traditional advertising, content creation, public relations, or traditional and branding design, we are ready to take your artists to the next level, utilizing our wide range of disciplines and decades of experience. Here at MFT, we shape the goals of our partners into creative concepts and usher them into the world through impactful campaigns that are greater than them.


Possibly the most important element is having coverage for your event including press, photos, videos, and any other means of digital content. Our team successfully covers all aspects of every event. We take creative approaches toward ensuring content stands out from any other event. It’s important to remember that your digital presence is now not only what sells tickets, but what sells your event for next year and beyond, and we keep that in mind with every client.