Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your Questions:

Q. How old do I need to be to attend a Music Festival Trip?

Music Festival Trips is ages 18+ WITH ID CHECKED AT Check-In! No valid ID = No Trip. You must be 18 or older with valid photo ID at the time of check-in.

Q. What do we need for Check-In?

All you will need for check in is a government issued ID, includes drivers license, military card, passport, etc. You may bring your ticket receipt to speed up the process..

Q. Do we make periodic stops on the trip?

Depending on which trip you are joining us on, we will do a snack stop, lunch stop, dinner stop, bathroom / leg stretch stops, etc.

Q. Where do we depart from?

Music Festival Trips is home based out of Florida. We do change the departure locations periodically for each trip depending on which day of the week or time of day we leave, we will email you an itinerary after your purchased about the departure location when the date gets closer.

Q. Who is my trip coordinator for my trip?

One week prior to departure you will be contacted by payment email of an introduction of your trip coordinator
along with a full schedule and itinerary for the trip. You may also check our site for updates.

Q. Will all my camping gear fit on the bus?

If you are coming on a camping festival trip, please remember to bring only what you need, we have plenty of room in the bus luggage compartment but we do ask that you bring only what you need. Read your itinerary packet prior to departure on what to pack.

Q. Bus ride food/drink friendly?

Our buses are food/drink friendly just make sure you pick up after yourself. Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.

Q. What if I am coming alone?

About half of our travelers join on their own so its super easy to meet people and make new friends.

Q. How many people to a hotel room?

Depending on the trip, basic hotel rooms are usually 4 to a room, if we do townhouses or villa rentals it could be more. Just contact your trip coordinator to work out rooming arrangements prior to departure.

Q. Are there bathrooms on the bus?

Yes, there are bathrooms on the bus.

Q. What is there to do on the long bus rides?

We will play movies, music, raffle prizes, meet new people on the trip, the choices are endless, or you can always take a nice long nap.

Q. Are there refunds if I can no longer make it on a trip?

We do not offer refunds under any circumstances, however if you can no longer make it you are encouraged to sell your spot to someone else for the price purchased. You AND the purchaser must contact the trip coordinator to transfer the package spot. Transfers are only available up to 72 hours in advance of departure the designated trip.

Q. Can I purchase separate accommodations?

In most cases, we can accommodate your need for extra privacy, for a small fee on top of the original package price. It is best to contact us immediately after your purchase of the package if you wish to do this, as room space may limit our ability to accommodate your needs.

Q. Does Music Festival Trips offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans for certain trips, if you wish to do a payment plan contact us at, we will then direct you on how to proceed.

Q. Hotel/Resort Trips: Can we smoke in our rooms?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, all rooms on the trip are booked as nonsmoking, there will be an additional smoking fee if the issue occurs that will be split between all patrons of the room evenly. Just don’t do it.